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GB Sencotel Tap Plunger Seal


GB Sencotel Tap Plunger Seal

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GB Sencotel Tap Plunger Seal. 

Q: Why is my slush machine leaking?

A: The most likely cause is your seals are not being cleaned and lubricated regularly enough. It’s important to dissemble the tanks and clean then lube your 3 seals every week. Seals will collect grime or dry out which will cause your leaks. The 3 seals are;

Rear gasket seal: Leaks will emerge from the rear of the tanks, collect along the base under the slush tanks and into the drip tray, via the escape tube.

Tap plunger seal: Leaks will drip from the handles into the drip tray

Beater seal: Leaks will appear from underneath your machine. This is a critical seal to lubricate as product can get inside of your machine and drip onto the electrical components. A repair can be expensive.

To clean your seals, remove the slush tanks and dissemble the deals and parts. Wash the seals thoroughly with warm soapy water, rinse and then apply the lubrication gel, enough to lightly cover the entire seal.

Cleaning your machine and seals weekly will ensure the risk of leaks are reduced, will make them last longer and more importantly that you conform to health and hygiene regulations.

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