Slush Syrup

Mr Slush is a premium slush brand which has taken the UK slush market by storm. Our commitment to manufacturing only the highest quality slush syrups while delivering exceptional service to our customers is the mission of our business.

Selling slush drinks is hugely profitable so offering your customers the best product available will keep them coming back for more and your tills busy. Follow us on Pinterest.

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Our Mr Slush range is available with 15 delicious flavours to choose from, all made using high grade food ingredients and real British sugar. With a high yield of of 140Ltrs from each case of slush, our water to syrup ratio is 6 to 1. Whether your looking to buy Blue Raspberry and Strawberry slush or are tempted by other syrups such as Lemon and Lime, Sour Apple, Pink Bubblegum or Sour Cherry, you can be assured all our recipes offer on the highest quality. Our drinks will retain its flavour and colour to the last drop.

Our Mr Slushed range of frozen ice cocktail slush concentrate mixes are unmatched in the UK. Manufactured using a complicated 2 step process and again using the finest food grade ingredients, the Mr Slushed brand offers Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Champagne, Lime Daiquiri, Lager & Line and Energy. Simply pour the Mr Slushed cocktail slush syrup into your slush tank, add the spirit of choice and top up with fresh water.

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