We offer lease rentals and lease purchase options on our range of slush machine equipment. Leasing is a convenient and tax friendly option which gives you immediate access to commercial slush equipment while preserving your cashflow. Here's other benefits:

  • No up-front investment.
  • Straight forward budgeting.
  • Reduced tax liability on your profits as lease rental payments are 100% tax deductable.
  • Leasing allows you to preserve your working capital.

Here's how it works.

You decide which is the right slush machine for your business. We will give you a quotation for the equipment which will be based on 36 month lease. Other terms are available, the minimum term being 24 months. The longer the term, the less the monthly lease payments are.

Once the machine and lease quotation has been agreed, we'll 'prop' your business for credit finance approval which will involve a credit check.

When approved, our leasing partners will email or post you the leasing agreement for signing and returning. Once we have received the documents, we'll arrange for your slush equipment to be dispatched for next day delivery.

After the lease term has been completed, we will offer you the 'Title' of the equipment for an additional payment which covers the finance administration fee. The final payment varies but is never more than 2 months lease payments. You will then own the slush machine.

Key benefit: We supply enough slush products in the starter pack to pay for most of the lease payments you'll make. It's not unusual for customers to settle the lease within 3 Months of receiving their machine and supplies.