Slush Cups

Buy slush cups and accessories. We sell plastic slush cups in sizes ranging from 7oz to 20oz, with optional dome lids. Plastic PET cups are used not only to serve great slush drinks, but are also used for smoothies and milkshakes. Supplied in cases of 1,000 and delivered next day.

Our range is vast so below is a guide to which plastic slush cups fit each optional dome lid. Branded and unbranded available.

Our Slush Cup Size Guide;
7oz - 200ml
9oz - 270ml
10oz - 300ml (Half pint)
12oz - 385ml
16oz - 480ml
20oz - 600ml (Pint)

Optional domed lids available, size guide is as follows:
7oz, 9oz & 10oz cups - Small dome fits all

12oz Dome Lid 
16oz & 20oz - Large dome lid fits both

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