When you purchase a commercial drinks system from us, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you are buying premium quality equipment. These are backed up with an onsite parts and labour warranty, unless otherwise stated. The warranty covers key components of the machines against manufacturer defects, such as the freezing unit, motor and gear box.


Our equipment range is ultra premium and as such an engineer request is rare. In fact, less than 3% of our machines require a call out within the first 3 years.


If the worst happens and you experience a problem. We're here to help and will ensure the issue is quickly resolved. And that's for the lifetime of your machine.


How does it work? As one of the very slush companies with a resource of national field based engineers, we offer our customers 12 months onsite parts and labour warranty. Beyond the warranty, our committment to our customers, is a machine lifetime support promise. This means we will still troubleshoot and resolve issues and if required send engineers if repairs are required. This will be arranged at trade cost.


3 years extended warranty. We are please to offer our supplies customers who purchase a minimum annual volume of slush syrup, even more peace of mind by offering a 3 year on-site warranty. That's the longest in the UK. Terms apply*


We receive a large volume of calls each month from sites who have purchased their slush machine elsewhere, requesting a  repair. We do not repair or assist with troubleshooting, machines not supplied by us.


Warranty inclusions

The warranty covers issues caused by manufacturing defects such as;

1. Motor

2. Gearbox

3. Control Board

4. Condenser

5. Freezing Cylinders

Warranty exclusions

1. Wear & tear items such as seals and plastic replacement parts, e.g. handles.

2. Breakages due to heavy handed use or misuse. For example, you must not wash your slush tanks in a dishwasher.

3. Machine issues caused by failure to leave sufficient airflow space at either side of the slush machine. 15cm is required.

4. Poor maintenance and lack of cleaning.  Refer to the manual or website for cleaning instructions.

5. Sub standard product usage**




Call out procedure:

1. Call us on 08000 141818 to report the fault

2. We will assess the issue and attempt to give you a diagnosis over the telephone. 90% of problems are resolved at this stage

3. If an engineer is required, we reserve the right to charge a deposit payment of £150 + VAT, even if under warranty. This is necessary as customer error breakdowns are not covered by the warranty.

4. The engineer will then be booked by us. We aim to have the engineer on site within 7 days but is usually much sooner, 2 or 3 days.

5. The engineer will inform the customer of the machine issue.

6. If the issue is a genuine warranty covered problem, your deposit will be refunded in full immediately.

* We reward our loyal customers by offering a 3 year extended warranty who are exclusively purchasing our Mr Slush syrups and branded slush cups. To quality, we'd expect you to be purchasing 8 cases of slush per annum (32x5Ltr tubs) and 5 cases slush cups which is discretionary and is approx. half of our customers average. 

Why set an order level? To ensure our premium syrups are not being used as a top up, increasing the risk of customers buying cheap substandard syrups which can cause damage to slush machines. The extended warranty is not a legally binding contract, it's a voluntary service we offer our loyal customers who have a minimum spend level with whom we are prepared to invest should an unexpected issue occur.

** Buying slush syrup on the cheap can be false economy. Our syrups are manufactured to the highest standards using premium grade ingredients and the correct amount of real sugar. Cheap, substandard syrups can cause damage to your slush machine and motor gearbox. Sugar is an expensive commodity but ensures the slush mix does not put undue duress on motor gearboxes, it creates a soft product. Sweeteners and synthetic sugar based products present the risk of your mix over-freezing and over time can damage your motor gearbox. Your warranty does NOT cover such eventualities.