Buying cheap unbranded slush could cost you a small fortune in lost sales and slush machine issues. Why?

Firstly, because having the correct amount of sugar improves the slush flavour and ensures the colour is retained to the last drop.

Secondly, the sugar acts as a natural antifreeze. Sugar and water molecules bond together which stops the mix over freezing.

‘Slush is served at temperatures of between -2 to -5 degrees. To prevent the mixture from freezing solid, there must be 11% of sugar present in the solution, which is measured as the BRIX content. The sugar acts as an antifreeze in the solution. Slush machines rotate the mixture at a constant speed so that the sugar and water molecules bond together before the water gets a chance to freeze.’

85% of our slush machine customers become ongoing Mr Slush retailers whereas 15% source an alternative product. Based on conversations with ex customers over the years, their motivation is almost exclusively price. Ironically (or not), almost all service calls we receive with a machine issue, are from the customers buying slush elsewhere.

The cost difference between cheap unbranded and a premium quality branded slush is less than 2p per drink. You can charge more for a quality branded slush which returns even higher margins. You will also enjoy greater customer loyalty and higher repeat sales.

We offer extended machine warranties to customers exclusively using our Mr Slush syrups. This is because we know our syrups will protect the expensive motor gear boxes, cheap syrups with not enough sugar will not and can cause failures over time.

10 reasons to buy Mr Slush syrups

  1. Slush Machines warranties are extended when using Mr Slush Syrups
  2. Our syrups protect your machines motor gearbox
  3. Discounted non warranty spare parts and out of warranty service support
  4. We offer the best value, superior quality branded slush in the UK. Quality slush brands in the UK cost between £75 - £200 per case. Mr Slush costs just £50-£55, only 7p per 7oz cup
  5. Slush costs you even less when you order online or bulk buy - Saving up to 22%
  6. You can charge a little more selling a quality brand – Make more profits
  7. We offer the most comprehensive range of marketing support and P.O.S. in the UK - Sell more slush
  8. Large range, 36 flavours including 99% Fruit and Sugar Free - More choice
  9. We are the first slush company to launch new initiatives and products - Keeping you ahead of your competition
  10. We offer a beverage one-stop solution for slush, coffee and milkshakes

10 reasons to avoid cheap slush syrups

  1. Compressor runs harder resulting in pipes overheating and potential damage to wiring
  2. Motor gearbox is also forced to work harder putting them under constant duress, which can fail over time
  3. Low quality syrups can shorten the life of seals and gaskets. Leaks can quickly appear
  4. Saccharin and sweeteners often used which are cheap substitutes to using sugar (the most expensive ingredient)
  5. Lower quality taste
  6. Drinks will probably lose its colour and flavour while being consumed
  7. Your customers will not reward you with loyalty or returning sales, especially if a better slush is being sold locally
  8. You can charge a little more selling a quality brand – Make more profits
  9. Saving £10 per case of slush equates to less than 1.5p per 7oz drink, insignificant when margins are between 80-90% P.O.R
  10. If you serve cheap unbranded slush, you will without doubt sell less and make less profits while risking damage to your machine

Mr Slush P.O.S Branding

Mr Slush point of sale is available exclusively for our Mr Slush retailers. If you're in the minority of our customers who are selling an alternative 'cheap' product, you will be required to return any and all Mr Slush point of sale products. This includes posters, window decals, machine lid decals, stickers and pavement swing board signs.

As per our terms and conditions, pavement signs are chargeable which is a one off rental license for the duration Mr Slush is being sold. 

Sites that have purchased a serving station, will also be required to peel and remove all Mr Slush branding and return to us. 

We are selective where we place our serving stations and only do so after assurance is given by customers that only Mr Slush will be sold.

If you are selling cheap slush while it's being marketed as Mr Slush, is an infringement on our protected Trademark. This is know as 'Passing Off'. We will be forced to take legal action using the Trade Marks Act 1994 to protect our brand if our branding is not returned to us within 14 days of formal request being made. 

Please note that we have a national resource in the UK to mystery shop suspected ex-customers claiming that no Mr Slush branding is being used which we will do on 2 separate occasions over a period of 21 days. Photographic evidence will be taken to back up any legal challenge.

To summarise, if you're buying our Mr Slush syrups, you'll enjoy;

✔ Extended warranty from 1 year to 3 years 
✔ Half price on non warranty spare parts and after warranty service, over the machines lifetime.
✔ Our permission to use Mr Slush branding. 


  Mr Slush Customers* Non Mr Slush Customers
Warranty Term 3 Years 1 Year
Service Call Out (30 minutes on-site) £0 - (Beyond the warranty £150) £300
Motor Gearbox £0 - (Beyond the warranty £175) £350
Non Warranty Spare parts Trade Cost Price Retail Price
Slush tanks £135 £270
Spiral £50 £100
Handles, Tap Bungs & Adjitator Seals £10 £20
Return to Base Shipping - Major Refit / Damage Repair £100 £200
Other Items & Services Trade Cost Price Retail Price

* prices may vary depending on product usage

Our average Mr Slush retailer purchases 18-20 cases of our slush syrup (4x5ltr) each year. To qualify for extended warranties and ongoing discounts, we would require a minimum purchase rate of 15 cases per annum. A target set to ensure that Mr Slush is not used as a 'top up'. Purchase volumes above 15 cases each year may receive additional discounts while below 15 cases may be charged slightly more, however it will never cost anywhere near the non customer pricing.

Warranty exclusions

  1. Wear & tear items such as seals and plastic replacement parts, e.g. handles, control switches.
  2. Breakages due to heavy handed use or misuse. 
  3. Machine issues caused by failure to leave sufficient airflow space at either side of the slush machine. 15cm is required.
  4. Poor maintenance and lack of cleaning. 
  5. Substandard product usage

More information regarding the importance of Brix content in slush.

A Foundation of Brix

Brix is a measurement you will need to use to create any frozen drink mix, as it will determine the consistency at which the drink freezes and affect the quality of the product you serve. A drink mix with the proper Brix measurement won't freeze solid and damage your frozen drink machine. Brix is a unit of measurement for the sugar content of a liquid solution, with 1 degree Brix equaling 1 gram of sugar in 100 grams of water. Brix is measured with a refractometer, which uses how light refracts through the liquid to determine the volume of dissolved solids, like sugar, within it.

Generally, water freezes at 0 degrees Celcius, forming ice crystals that eventually solidify into ice. Sugar particles suspended in the water make that freezing process more difficult by physically hindering those ice crystals from bonding with each other. When there is more sugar present in the mix, the formation of ice in the liquid is inhibited, which means the freeze temerature is dropped signifcantly. This is especially true in a frozen drink machine that keeps the mixture moving. Not checking the Brix measurements on your slushie mixes can lead to a solid block of ice and a burned-out slushie machine. On the flip side, a Brix measurement that's too high will prevent your drink from freezing.

Using a Refractometer

If you've ever looked at a straw in a glass of water, you've probably noticed how it looks like it bends as it meets the liquid. This effect is caused by refraction, or light bending as it moves through different mediums, whether those mediums are solids, liquids, or gases. Because light moves differently through water than air, it gives the straw a bent appearance. Refractometers use prisms to measure how light moves through the liquids you test to determine how much sugar is dissolved in the mix.

To use a refractometer, first follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure it is properly calibrated. Add some of your liquid to the prism, close the light plate, and look through the viewing lens. The line between the differently colored sections is your Brix reading. Frozen drink machines can function with a rating as low as 11 or as high as 18 degrees Brix (represented as °Bx), but most manufacturers target between 13 and 15 degrees Brix. Mr Slush Sencotel machines have an even lower tolerance of 11, a sign of a high quality and powerful motor. While any liquid with this Brix measurement should work well in a frozen drink machine, it's always wise to keep an eye on it when you use it in the machine the first time, as any mistakes in measuring could lead to the mixture freezing solid.