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Shmoo Milkshake Cups - 22oz Large


Shmoo milkshake large plastic cups. Branded 22oz. 120 cups per box.

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Shmoo milkshake cups 22oz pack, small.

Each box contains;

  • 80 x small 13oz Shmoo branded cups
  • 90 x small dome lids
  • 100 x biodegradable paper straws

Cups are 100% recyclable and contain 50% recycled materials. Shmoo cups have a milk fill line so each milkshake can be prepared directly in the cup. Simply pour in chilled milk to the fill line, add a scoop of Shmoo mix and blend using the Shmoo blender. No mess, no waste.

Shmoo cup packs are available exclusively for our Shmoo milkshake mix customers.


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