Slush Machine Lube


Lubri-Film lube for slush machines. Protect your equipment seals and handles by lubricating every week. ONLY AVAILABLE TO OUR SLUSH SUPPLIES CUSTOMERS.

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Keeping your slush machine lubricated is a critical part of maintaining your equipment.

Rear tank seals requires a lubrication every week as does the orange rubber plunger valve inside the handle using this lubricant product. Failure to do so can cause the handles to snap, seals to dry out and crack which can cause your slush mix to leak.

Lubri-Film Plus is a suitable lubricant to keep your slush machines in good working order.

Lube is only available to purchase for our slush supplies customers only.

Instructions of use:

Remove pin and dissemble the handle
Place a drop of lube on your finger
Rub into the moving parts and seal
Re-assemble the handle back together

Slush Tank;
Drain slush product from slush tanks
Unclip and remove tank 
Remove the mixing spindles
Remove the large round seals
Rinse with warm water and wipe clean then dry
Dispense a large drop of lube onto finger pad
Rub thoroughly around the rubber seal and plastic tank casing

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