Lemon Lime Slush Syrup


Mr Slush Lemon & Lime slush syrup is made using only premium grade food ingredients. Unmatched in quality and taste, Lemon Lime is one of our top six selling slush drink flavours. Available by the case of 4x5Ltr and delivered next working day.

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Using only premium ingredients and real British sugar, there is no cost-cutting or low-quality artificial sweeteners in our Lemon & Lime slush syrup. Our professional manufacturing process incorporates high-temperature pasteurisation and high-pressure homogenisation which has a syrup to water ratio of 6 to 1. Our slush syrups will also protect your slush machine gear motors.

Mr Slush syrups offer an amazing return on investment for retailers. Your cost per 7oz slush drink is less than 16p which includes the cost of the syrup, slush cup and straw spoon. On average, a drink of this size is sold for £1 which is a 600% return. 

Below is a drinks per 4x5Ltr case scale for all slush drink sizes.

Cup Size Drinks per Case Cost per Cup

Average Sell Price

7oz - 200ml 700 16p 85p - £1.00
10oz - 300ml 475 21p £1.00 - £1.25
12oz - 360ml 400 24p £1.25 - £1.50
16oz - 480ml 300 29p £1.50 - £1.95

* Cost includes the syrup, slush cup and straw.

Lemon & Lime slush is a tasty slush drink that retains its colour and flavour down to the very last drop. A favourite choice with our customers which has a delicious natural fruity, limey zesty taste. When you buy our slush syrup online, you'll receive your order the next working day. 

Slush Syrup Specifications and Nutritional Details

Made Using British Real Sugar
Suitable for Vegans
Zero Fat
Gluten Free
47 Calories per 100ml

Lemon & Lime Slush Syrup
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