Mango Orange Slush 99% Fruit


Mr Slush 99% fruit Mango Orange slush syrup concentrate. Packed in cases of 2 x 5Ltr. No added sugar, 1 of your 5 a day. A delicious, health alternative to regular slush mix.


1 of your 5 a day

No added sugar

GM & Gluten free

Zero fat

Use in any slush machine

Cost - 15p per portion

Delivered next working day

Tax excluded

Mango Orange 99% Fruit Slush Concentrate 

Our premium range of Mr Slush 99% Fruit slush is now available. We have been serving the UK with a premium high fruit content slush syrup for 10 years. 

A healthier option to standard slush and packed with tasty tongue tingling fruit. Available in 4 flavours, Strawberry, Apple Blackcurrant, Mango Orange and Tropical.



One of your five a day recommended fruit and veg portions (7oz/200ml serving)

No added sugar - Contains only natural sugars from the fruit

GM free

Gluten free

Suitable for vegetarians

Zero fat

40Kcal per 100ml


Packed in cases of 2x5Ltr, with a water to concentrate ratio of 6:1. Each case has a finished mix yeild of 70Ltrs which will produce 350 slush drinks (7oz).


Cost per portion = 15p. Recommended retail price = £1.00


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